I24 Traffic Alert – SEMI Crash in Median Reduces I-24 to ONE LANE at 7mm in McCRACKEN Co.



The incident management team on site has determined the truck will have to be offloaded before it can be removed.

At this time, WESTBOUND traffic is restricted to one lane.  All traffic is moved to the right-hand or driving lane.

Both EASTBOUND lanes are now OPEN.

Motorists should use caution in this area.

Estimated duration is 6 hours.

Traffic ALERT

We have a SEMI that has crashed in the median of I-24 at the 7 mile marker in MCCRACKEN County.

At this time One Lane is open eastbound and one lane is open westbound with all traffic moved to the right-hand or driving lane.

At this time the wrecker service plans to attempt to remove the truck with the load of lumber still in place.  If that is unsuccessful the load of lumber may have to be offloaded before the SEMI can be uprighted and removed.

The recover crew will attempt to maintain one lane of traffic.  However, during final recovery efforts traffic may have to be halted at this site.

Estimated duration is 4 to 6 hours.

Detour around this crash site is between Exit 11 to Exit 16 via US 62 and KY 1954.


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