Princeton PD Requesting Assistance Locating Wanted Persons


The Princeton Police Dept. is asking for your help in locating these individuals. All listed have active warrants within the Court system. If you know the whereabouts of either one of the below listed, call the Police Department at 270-365-4657, 270-365-2041. Or you can message them on Facebook. Thanks in advance.

Photos provided by Princeton Police Department
Aaron Larue, Black male, 29 Years old, (Failure to appear) 
Neil McKenzie, White male, 31 Years old, (Failure to appear)
Crystal Wimpey, White female, 34 Years old, (Failure to appear)
Randall Dunning, White male, 34 Years old (Shoplifting) 
Jessie Patterson, White female, 19 Years old. (Failure to appear)
Candace Tucker, White female, 36 Years old, (Contempt of court)
Daniel Richardson, White male, 32 Years old, (Indictment for trafficking in meth <2 grams)
Amanda G. Watson (Skaggs) White female, 35 Years old, (Failure to appear)
Jacob Webb, White male, 23 Years old, (Failure to appear)
Latoya Hollowell, Black female, 34 Years old, (Failure to pay)

Jerald Swetland, White male, 23 Years old, (Indictment for trafficking in meth <2 grams)

Katelynn Ralff, White female, 25 Years old, (Flagrant Non-support)  
Kaitlyn Sherrill, White female, 20 Years old, (Failure to pay)
Kenneth Orten, White male, 45 Years old, (Flagrant Non-support)


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